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J.R. Ward

J.R. Ward

I get to understand J.R. Ward style as an exceptional one. At least for me. She doesn't sugarcoat her characters or their actions as others do. I believe she has broken every single rule of romance novel with Black Dagger Brotherhood series. Well, except for the happily-ever-after part. And even that is... fluctuating.

I mean is adultery allowed once the heroes have met and fell for each other? Would a vampire drink from someone else than his beloved? Or would a heroine give her vein to another man? Would there be scenes with males kissing? Secondary characters getting as much attention as the lead?

I haven't come across books with anything like it.

I could say rules fly out of the window, taboos do not exist as J.R. Ward pushes the envelope with the darkness to the extreme.

For those brave enough, check out her books. If you won't be shocked, you will be amazed!

Black Dagger Brotherhood

While a lot of series have huge variety of paranormal creatures, Black Dagger Brotherhood series is a true vampire romance. The one with spices and twists. And while there isn't much you can spin out of vampire romance, because everything has been done before, it offers a unique approach to the theme that sometimes seems completely wrung out.


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