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My short lowdown on the Talions series:

Originated in Scandinavia, Kyths live among humans, but form their own matriarchal society with a Grand Dame as their ruler and Talions - the greatest warriors to serve her (Talions loosely translate as 'an eye for an eye', or 'justice meted out in kind').

The difference between humans and Kyths are that they are able to feed off human energy recharging themselves (without harming humans). The ones who feed off suffering and pain - the renegades - are hunted and brought to justice by Talions, Kyths who can manipulate energy.

The first introduction to Kyth society and Talions is with the thousand year old Viking Ranulf and Kerry, not a typical damsel in distress at all, in Dark Warrior Unleashed. Followed by Sandor in Dark Warrior Unbroken.

Sexy warriors with inhuman powers are not a new concept in paranormal romance world, but their honor, code of justice and spirit, is what makes these books intriguing. Not to mention hot bodies of course and strong characters for the leading ladies.

If you are a fan of secret societies living among humans, energy-balls shooting heroes, passionate romance or engaging characters it could be just the books for you.

Dark Warrior Unleashed Dark Warrior Unbroken

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