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Shape shifter romance books

Shape shifters are so common in paranormal romance world, no one is surprised anymore to find out that the sexy hero is also a powerful wolf, or a graceful leopard. It only fuels up imagination. Gives an extra edge to the story. Spices up sensations.

Of course, there are many uptakes on the subject. Some authors make their own rules, while others try to follow the more known paths. Shifters in their abilities, life style and habits vary from almost feral when in animal form (sometimes even in human) to simply being human with an ability to shift. And some authors even give their own names for the creatures unsatisfied with the 'were' prefix. Probably because people tend to think about werewolves as rabid animals with no conscious mind when in animal form. Or so the myth goes.

Read shifter romance in:

Angela Knight Mageverse series
Charlene Teglia Shadow Guardians series
Christine Feehan Leopard People series
Christine Warren Novels of the Others series
Doranna Durgin Sentinels series
Ilona Andrews Kate Daniels series
Jacquelyn Frank Nightwalkers series
Jennifer Ashley Shifters Unbound series
Karen Whiddon Pack series
Kresley Cole Immortals after Dark series
Lora Leigh Breeds series
Lori Devoti Unbound series
Nalini Singh Psy-Changeling series
Patricia Briggs Mercedes Thompson series, Alpha and Omega series
Rhyannon Byrd Blood Runners series
Sharie Kohler Moon Chasers series
Sherrilyn Kenyon Dark-Hunter series
Terry Spear Heart of the Wolf series

True animal magnetism, sensuality, power and sometimes even magic rule the world of shifters and beckons to embrace the impossibility.

Myths & Facts

The mythological human with an ability to shape shift is called a lycanthrope (meaning wolf man translated from Greek language). Lycanthropy however, is only one form of therianthropy (the ability to shape shift into animals in general) meaning the folk legends are full of weretigers, werebears, wereleopards and others (the term 'were' meaning man).

One of the possible werewolf origins is linked to the king Lycaon of Arcadia who, according to the mythology (written in Ovid's Metamorphoses) was turned into ravenous beast by Zeus for the crime of killing one of his sons and serving it to the God to test his divinity.

There are no religious artifacts that could harm shape shifters, however, as of 19th century it is known that silver is their vulnerability.

Shifters are often associated with inhuman strength and highlightened senses. Commonly known to metamorphose into animal form due to the curse, or by being bitten or scratched by another were (though lately these theories are being negated telling that one could only catch rabies by the wolf bite not the ability to shift). However, there a many other ways how one could become a lycanthrope such as using black magic, the magic belt or simply being born into the family with a werewolf curse.

In some legends the transformation is triggered by the full moon and even if weres are capable of shifting any time they want, it still plays a huge role. Affecting the weres in one way or another.

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