Seduce the Darkness

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Author: Gena Showalter
Series: Alien Huntress
Publisher: Pocket Star

Devyn is a king, a warrior and an unrepentant collector of women, able to charm anyone anywhere. Except Bride. Bride McKells is a street-wise fighter but uneducated in the ways of the vampire and desperate to find another of her kind. Having never seen one, she's not even sure others are out there. Seductive Devyn has the answers she craves and can take her to the dark underground of her people. But Bride's blood might hold the key to saving Devyn's friends at AIR, Alien Investigation and Removal, so he's loathe to let her go. Especially when he begins to crave her more than he's ever craved another. Together they will enter the seedy world of slave auctions, battle a powerful alien queen whose diseased blood turns humans into cannibals, and discover a passion unlike any other. But in the end, Bride must choose between the man she's come to love and the family she's always longed for.

My review

There’s so many ways I could spin my comment about Seduce the Darkness, it would take pages and pages to express my opinion (or rather scrambled pieces of my opinion, since I tend to have a new thought every five minutes), but here we go:

Mostly, I liked the book. Even Devyn, whom I hated in previous stories. I like bad boys, don’t get me wrong, but he just struck me as too slick, too arrogant and the fact that he was a whore (liked to collect women) didn’t sit well with me. Actually, I would have preferred him to be just a whore, but he was more of a womanizer, who without any qualms of conscience could buy a woman and imagine they all craved him. I felt sick thinking about (probably) the rare few who didn’t want to sleep with him, no matter how gorgeous he was, but being bought like slaves from the auction and possibly abused in much worse ways, submitted to his wishes.

Fair to say – I hated him, until Seduce the Darkness introduced me to the real Devyn and showed what demons drive him. His character suddenly felt right, well developed and I finally began to wish a happy ending for him.

Thus, enter Bride. An amazing heroine and a strong enough personality to interest Devyn and the readers. And she is a vampire, who is all alone in this word, without the clue of where other vampires are (if there are others). Searching for herself as well as her lost friend.

The part about her unknown heritage was old for me. Just too many books have the same problem developed for one of the heroes, but the way the author wrote it, completely made up for it.

I enjoyed the interactions between characters even though both were cocky, but in the right, entertaining way. Really wanted to know which one will get the best of the other in the little competition of powers and will (before they succumbed to one another of course). Even got infuriated at the end when Bride was captured to contain her powers. But that is also good. It only means Seduce the Darkness made me react to people, situations. Grabbed my attention and interest, which is always an essential condition for a great read.

I do have a few critiques though. The first one is about Dallas, an AIR (Alien Investigation & Removal) agent, whose book I really look forward to, but right now, whenever Dallas and Devyn got into the same room and started talking, I actually wanted to skip those paragraphs. I cannot imagine any normal men talking the way they did. It was kind of ridiculous. And second, even though I have read all the books in Alien Huntress series, I couldn’t understand if I didn’t miss one – the story of Aleaha (or Macy as she calls herself). I know she is Bride’s long lost friend, but the way it was written about her, and the fact that there was no book, truly put question marks in my head. I felt confused.

But enough about the confusing stuff, everything else is simple – Seduce the Darkness is worth the time and the money. Definitely recommend it. A word of caution though, if you haven’t read the previous books in Alien Huntress series, you should. Just too many secondary characters with stories of their own to really grasp the nuances in the plot.

And finally my last word – enjoy.

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