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Romance Book Series

Romance book series are a perfect environment for the story to develop more thoroughly than in a standalone book (unless it has a thousand pages).

Plus, I love reading a story and having the opportunity to take a peek at the characters who were in a leading role in the previous book. Get a glimpse of their lives after the happily ever after part.

Unfortunately, some series (I totally blame the incompetence of authors for this) don't sustain characters as interesting as they were in previous books. Tend to minimize their qualities, render a hero into a mediocre person, for the sole purpose of the current hero to stand out. Or sometimes the second book is only half as strong as the first one. It happens.

But I also happen to find series that grabbed my interest from the first page and held it long after I was through all of the books. In some cases I still anxiously wait for the upcoming releases.

Below I'll list some of my favorite series, along with other series I just happened to read.

Black Dagger Brotherhood

Black Dager Brotherhood While a lot of series have huge variety of paranormal creatures, Black Dagger Brotherhood series is a true vampire romance. The one with spices and twists. And while there isn't much you can spin out of vampire romance, because everything has been done before, it offers a unique approach to the theme that sometimes seems completely wrung out. More...

Caruthers Sisters

The Caruthers Sisters series is about four sisters who protect Earth from various mystical creatures if they attempt to harm humankind.
They are Guardian Keys, each gifted with a specific ability required to battle against inhumanly strong creatures from other planets. And they are rich party girls enjoying their life as much as they can, cause you never know when the next threat could arise. More...


Dark-Hunter Dark-Hunters are immortal warriors who sold their souls to Artemis (the goddess of moon and hunt) for the single act of vengeance against the ones who wronged them causing their human lives to end painfully and prematurely.
Dark-Hunters - the soulless, immortal beings, gifted with superior strength and psychic abilities, they walk alone in the night, belong to Artemis and fight in her name. More...


Demonica series is another approach on a demon world. A unique and engaging at that.
The world full of hundreds of species of demons (a handful of them listed in the Demonica Compendium) and their slayers, the Aegis, should seem pretty simple enough. At least written about dozens of times already. Even considering the fact that not all the demons are bad. And definitely not all the humans are good. But the freshness of Demonica series comes with an approach to demon society. More...

Final Prophecy

Final Prophecy series truly stand out. At least I haven't stumbled upon anything like it. It is always either vampires, demons, or shifters. Here we meet warrior priests with magical abilities to save the world from its doom. The world Jessica Andersen created using the prophecies of Mayan civilization. More...

Heart of the Wolf

Heart of the Wolf series is centered around shifters the author calls Lupus Garou. Telling stories of love, action and mystery. Stories, which are completely stand alone, with no underlying plot except for the same world the characters live in. And in the world of Lupus Garou human rules don't apply. More...

Immortals after Dark

Immortals after Dark series transport as out of the world of humans and into the Lore, where dozens of different species of creatures dwell. All among us, and yet, out of site. Powerful, vicious and known to us only through legends and myths. The Lore combines various mythologies under one sky. More...

Lords of the Underwold

Lords of the Underwold Series Lords of the Underworld introduces us with ancient warriors, protectors of Gods and their misery after they open Pandora's Box and are forced to house a demon each in their bodies as a punishment.
They struggle daily to keep rein on the demons and not succumb to their destructive nature as they did thousands of years ago, immediately after they received their punishment, and The Lords of the Underworld were born. More...

Paladins of Darkness

Paladins of Darkness Paladins of Darkness series is yet about another world and the group of warriors who stand guard against enemies that threaten to destroy it.
Deep underground there is a barrier between our world and the one where darkness rules. The barrier which fluctuates depending on seismic or volcanic activity. And once it falls down, it opens the possibility for the crazy ones from the other side to pass through. More...


Psy-Changeling series opens up an amazingly sensual world. Full of danger, adventures and love. It beckons into the future where three different races occupy the Earth. And of course fight for survival and domination.
Humans are naturally a given. Though they tend to take a back seat in the story. More...


Talions Originated in Scandinavia, Kyths live among humans, but form their own matriarchal society with a Grand Dame as their ruler and Talions - the greatest warriors to serve her (Talions loosely translate as 'an eye for an eye', or 'justice meted out in kind').


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