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Romance authors

Romance authors - people whose sole imagination and skillful use of words can bring magical worlds in front of us. Who write and rewrite drafts until they deliver a brand new story to light up our lives.

Every single one of them has their style, their working techniques. Well, at least I hope they do, cause copying another is simply shameful. But, as strange as it sounds, it happens.

Occasionally I stumble across a book, which, except from the new character names and a few conversations doesn't differ a lot from books of other authors. Or the same author's other books. It's as if they had one brilliant thought and then kept reusing it.

If it's done from different angles, creating books series, it could be interesting. But when it's the same plot repeating over and over again just with different heroes, allowing us to guess the outcome after few first chapters (even though they all end up with happily ever after), it's just not worth the time.

That's why I value romance authors, who put themselves into their work, but also manage to change style once in a while, keep their stories fresh and unique. Constantly grow and even shock us.

If I would have to name my favorites, right now, Gena Showalter's name pops into my mind. I am not saying she's my one and only, but she is definitely one of those who manage to spin the 'what if?' possibilities in her book taking us to places we never imagined existed.

Kresley Cole would be in the top of my list too. Fascinating with unexpected twists in her stories, unique plot and definitely keeping me awake till the wee hours of night.

Another one of my definite top favorites - Nalini Singh. An author whose imagination and skillful penmanship opens new words for me to explore.

And as of late - J.R. Ward is the it for me based on the number of pages I inhale per hour, alone. Not to mention the fact that she is quiet unique and bold.

Other authors I read:

Alexis Morgan
Jessica Andersen
Terry Spear

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