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Psy-Changeling series opens up an amazingly sensual world. Full of danger, adventures and love. It beckons into the future where three different races occupy the Earth. And of course fight for survival and domination.

Humans are naturally a given. Though they tend to take a back seat in the story.

Psy - a race of mentally superior being with various powers (such as telekinesis, telepathy, foresight etc.), who are interconnected through the PsyNet and conditioned not to feel anything from the young age. Thus creating emotionally detached, cold and deadly beings capable of killing with no remorse if their logics dictate so. (A side affect of Silence, the protocol introduced precisely in attempts of eradicating crimes, since emotions tended to break psy, converting them into psychotic killers.)

And the last, but not least are the changelings. Shape-shifters - sensual, physically strong beings. Predators, who decided to take matters into their own hands (or paws).

As the silent war begins and romances bloom in the midst of it, Psy-Changeling series create possibilities no one has ever imagined before.

You do not want to miss either one of these sizzling romances.

Slave to Sensation Visions of Heat Caressed By Ice Mine to Possess Hostage to Pleasure Branded by Fire Blaze of Memory Bonds of Justice

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