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Paranormal romance

Paranormal romance focuses on fantasy or science fiction. Setting a story that may or may not unfold in this world. Whichever the possibility, it always includes romantic subplot. Relationships developing between humans and other magical creatures.

It's easy to love, it's easy to hate, especially when you live in a world full of vampires, shape shifters, dragons, aliens, ghosts, demons or angels. Even time travel. All is possible in the world of magic. But what I do like - love - about these enchanted worlds, is the risks, unexpected turns and love which transcends logic and any rational thought, but is intoxicating and hot and worth risking everything. Even worth dying to save the one you crave soul deep.

The stakes are simply higher than anywhere, thus making it an experience you'll never forget.

A single taste entices you, leaving a craving for more, until you are lost in the world of paranormal romance. Oh, and don't forget the sinfully delicious bad boys, whose single touch lifts you higher than you ever imagined.

And if you don't know the feeling, try reading some of the books we recommend.

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