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Paladins of Darkness

Paladins of Darkness series is yet about another world and the group of warriors who stand guard against enemies that threaten to destroy it.

Deep underground there is a barrier between our world and the one where darkness rules. The barrier which fluctuates depending on seismic or volcanic activity. And once it falls down, it opens the possibility for the crazy ones from the other side to pass through.

They, or simply "the Others" as Paladins call them, come armed to their teeth and try to fight their way through the tunnels above. It is up to the Paladins to defend the human kind.

The irony is that Paladins are not exactly humans either, or humans as we know it. It appears that hundreds of years ago, or maybe even more, a number of aliens were successful in reaching our world and some even assimilated with the locals. Their offspring had just the right genetic material to have advantage in the fights. Resulting in warriors stronger and faster than the human ones. Plus, the Paladin gene also means that they tend to live longer and be able to withstand mortal wounds. But not without the consequences.

Each time they come back to life after dying at the end of the enemy sword, the price to pay for this particular ability is with their humanity and sanity. And once they wake up with nothing but uncontrollable murder in their eyes (becoming Others themselves), they are put to permanent death by their Handlers (medical personal responsible for their revival).

Despite lifelong enemies, the series Paladins of Darkness raise the stakes even higher as the conspiracy among humans threaten to destroy our guardians from within.

Follow the books to uncover the truth and find out who the real enemy is.

Dark Protector Dark Defender In Darkness Reborn Redeemed in Darkness Darkness Unknown Defeat the Darkness

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