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Nalini Singh

Nalini Singh

My constant prowl for new adventures brought me to Nalini Singh. An author highly recommended by others - authors and readers both, thus raising my expectations sky high. And more importantly, meeting those expectations every time I take a book of hers and start reading.

I could say I made a discovery the day I grabbed the first book in the Psy- Changeling series, and continue on exploring with each story Nalini Singh writes. Never knowing where that winding road would lead me. Hopefully, to places I have never been before.

If you aren't familiar with this author, check her out. If you are, you know what I mean when I say that disappointment and boredom is something I guaranty you won't find in her books.


Psy-Changeling series opens up an amazingly sensual world. Full of danger, adventures and love. It beckons into the future where three different races occupy the Earth. And of course fight for survival and domination.


Slave to Sensation Caressed By Ice Branded by Fire Blaze of Memory Bonds of Justice

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