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Kresley Cole

Kresley Cole

Every time I read one of Kresley Cole's books, I get completely blown away. Her imagination and talent keeps amazing me each and every time. Her characters so well developed, every reaction, every quirk so believable, I totally buy it, even though sometimes I don't like it. It only shows what a fantastic author is.

No matter which, hate, or love her characters, but they tend to come alive in front of your eyes. Colorful, with a flavor of their own. Definitely not two dimensional.

Leaping from the pages and never ceasing to intrigue.

She is probably best known for her paranormal romance series Immortals after Dark (which I absolutely adore), becoming #1 New York Times and Publishers Weekly bestseller with her book Kiss of the Demon King. That doesn't mean her other books are not as good. Actually, in the short years since she sold her first two novels in 2003 she wrote many outstanding stories. Stories, undoubtedly to leave an imprint on any readers heart.

Immortals after Dark

Immortals after Dark series transport as out of the world of humans and into the Lore, where dozens of different species of creatures dwell. All among us, and yet, out of site. Powerful, vicious and known to us only through legends and myths. The Lore combines various mythologies under one sky.


A Hunger Like No Other No Rest for the Wicked Wicked Deeds on a Winter's Night Dark Needs at Night's Edge Deep Kiss of Winter Pleasure of a Dark Prince Demon from the Dark

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