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Jessica Andersen

Jessica Andersen

I am not the one to follow Jessica Andersen's work and she appears in my site simply because I've found her Final Prophecy series advertised in the blog of one of my favorite authors and decided to give it a try.

Read my reviews of her books and you'll find out how that worked for me.

The one thing I could say about the author, is that she did a gigantic work in researching the ancient world of Mayan civilization. So the fans of the lost civilization could probably enjoy her books in Final Prophecy series, as for others, I suggest to tread the path with caution. Of course, it is only my opinion, but as I've already mentioned above, read my reviews and you'll understand what I mean by giving this warning.

Final Prophecy

Final Prophecy series truly stand out. At least I haven't stumbled upon anything like it. It is always either vampires, demons, or shifters. Here we meet warrior priests with magical abilities to save the world from its doom. The world Jessica Andersen created using the prophecies of Mayan civilization.


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