Immortals after Dark

Immortals after Dark series transport us out of the world of humans and into the Lore, where dozens of different species of creatures dwell. All among us, and yet, out of site. Powerful, vicious and known to us only through legends and myths. The Lore combines various mythologies under one sky.

There’s Valkyries – fair maidens who live shooting lightning with every strong emotion they feel and fight as skillfully as the fiercest warriors.

Witches – the mercenaries of charms, spells and everything that is magical.

Lykae – or better yet known as werewolves. Strangely all Scottish with and old sexy accent.

Vampires – the crazed bad guys with blood red eyes thirsty only for the kill and torture. Of course, that would be The Horde, because The Forbearers are not that crazed. Only obsessed when it comes to their destined Brides.

There’s also Demonarchies (hundreds of species of demons), Nymphs, Noble fey, ghosts, etc., etc., etc. With such a crowd, it’s no wonder they fight often and every five hundred years for the survival of their species.

Just so it happens, Accession is almost here, knocking on the door and the fun is about to begin.

Fickle fate unites some factions and separates the others creating unpredictable yet tenuous bonds and truths to help, or maybe doom their chances at survival. Bringing enemies together , or separating friends forever. Read the adventures of Immortals After Dark in:

Deep Kiss of Winter

Pleasure of a Dark Prince Demon from the Dark

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