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Heart of the Wolf series

Heart of the Wolf series is centered around shifters the author calls Lupus Garou. Telling stories of love, action and mystery. Stories, which are completely stand alone, with no underlying plot except for the same world the characters live in. And in the world of Lupus Garou human rules don't apply.

It is an archaic world with established hierarchy where the dominant, most powerful male is in charge of the pack and females are fought over. Sometimes in the fights till death.

The world Terry Spear created adopted most of the werewolf myths. Such as silver bullets, the possibility to change a human into a werewolf with a bite, the effect of the moon (though Lupus Garou can shift during any phase of the moon, except the new moon), but it also managed to develop and keep its own uniqueness. The scent of freshness. The taste of wildness. And the touch of passion you are sure to feel in the following books:

Heart of the Wolf, Destiny of the Wolf, To Tempt the Wolf and others to come.

Heart of the Wolf Destiny of the Wolf To Tempt the Wolf

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