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Dragon romance books

I could probably add Dragon romance books to the shape shifter category, but they are such a rare creatures in literature and only a legend in real life, that I felt I should give them a separate section.

Read Dragon romance in:

Allyson James Dragon series
Angela Knight Mageverse series (book - Master of Dragons)
Bianca D'Arc Dragon Knights series
Deborah Cooke Dragon Fire series
G. A. Aiken Dragon Kin series
Gena Showalter Atlantis series (book - Heart of the Dragon)
Jade Lee novels Katie MacAlister Silver Dragons series and Light Dragons series
Kathleen Nance Earth Magick Triad series (book - Dragon Unmasked)
Tielle St. Clare Shadow of the Dragon series

Myths & Facts

The word dragon is derived from the Latin draco.

Mythological creatures known throughout the world at one time or another that shared the traits with reptiles. Depending on the location, these traits tended to vary. Meaning dragons could have been depicted as a snake with lizard-like legs and the ability to breathe fire (Oriental or Chinese dragon), or a giant dinosaur-like creature with leathery wings, four legs, long muscular tail and sometimes even spikes running down its spine (European dragon).

Oriental and European dragons are the most familiar versions of a legendary creature. And while European ones were thought to be evil, often plunging villages and demanding virgin sacrifices, Chinese dragons were considered to be the symbol of power, strength and luck, having control over primal forces of nature. They were of major spiritual significance, revered as the source of wisdom and magic.

European dragons despite their wings were the creatures of earth, living in an underground lair or cave and often guarding treasures. Featuring the villains in legends and tales about battles. Such as the 8th century poem Beowulf or the legend of Saint George and the dragon.

Though sometimes emitting fire, Chinese dragons are considered water deities and the five-clawed one - a symbol of the Chinese emperors. They were more mystical than physical creatures, controlling magic, changing forms (becoming invisible or turning into water or fire) and flying even without the wings.

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