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Demonica series is another approach on a demon world. A unique and engaging at that.

The world full of hundreds of species of demons (a handful of them listed in the Demonica Compendium) and their slayers, the Aegis, should seem pretty simple enough. At least written about dozens of times already. Even considering the fact that not all the demons are bad. And definitely not all the humans are good. But the freshness of Demonica series comes with an approach to demon society.

Besides the obvious killers residing in the underworld (the demon realm Sheoul) and maybe a rare diamond in a rough, we meet with demons, who value and save lives. Who work at UGH (short for Underworld General Hospital).

The world is basically the General Hospital and Buffy the Vampire Slayer mix. With demon doctors, vampire nurses and paramedics that shift into furry creatures in the full moon. Only with a spicy twist.

It's sensual, sexy and passionate. But it is only natural since the books of Demonica series concentrate on the Seminus demons. The rare breed of incubi, no female, human or otherwise can resist. It is impossible not to fall in love with those Sem brothers (and few other characters). Plus, with danger and action to back it up, it's the series worth spending time on.

Pleasure Unbound Desire Unchained Passion Unleashed Ecstasy Unveiled Sin Undone

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