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Defeat the Darkness

Official information

Defeat the Darkness Author: Alexis Morgan
Series: Paladins of Darkness

Publisher: Pocket

Hard-eyed and hard-bodied, Hunter Fitzsimon isn't what Tate Justice expected in a tenant for the apartment above her garage. Terse and intensely private, Hunter's mission is to protect a narrow stretch of the barrier between Earth and Kalithia against the Paladins' ruthless enemies -- a job that would be much easier without his sexy landlady nosing around. So when she follows Hunter into the woods late one night, he decides to teach Tate a lesson with a passionate kiss that brings her to her knees...and unexpectedly ignites red-hot desire deep in his soul. But the warrior's dark and dangerous world is no place for his fiery lover. Does possessing Tate mean turning his back on his brethren...or will Hunter forsake the woman of his dreams for the harsh duty he's always known?

My review

I wasn't overly excited about Defeat the Darkness. I mean Hunter was a character who didn't grab my attention with his tantrums in the previous book. There truly were other, more interesting characters to continue the series. But interest was something far from my biggest problem with Hunter. The biggest - how badly developed he was.

A rude, temperamental, always angry and irritated character who politely chats with old ladies, drinks tea and does crossword puzzles. Even in his anger, Hunter was too much considerable and despite his friend (co-workers) referring to him as a rude SOB, I didn't quite fall for that act. It seemed it was what he was supposed to be, but what he was - a contradictory character, which, in my vocabulary means - badly developed one.

And don't get me started on heroine - the nosy, irritating and extremely boring character. The type of person who seems is incapable of being five minutes without spying on the tenant like some old lady and even dares to get angry at him, because she didn't get any sleep while waiting for him to return home.

Defeat a Darkness is a book I would not spear a second glance for. I truly believe it says it all.

Rating 2

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