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Dawnkeepers cover

Author: Jessica Andersen
Series: Final Prophecy
Publisher: Signet

The countdown to the end of days has begun - and Only the Nightkeepers can stop the annihilation of all mankind...

Though a Nightkeeper, Nate Blackhawk refuses to allow others to control his fate. The gods have even tried to influence his love life, sending him visions of Alexis Gray, a sleek blonde who is everything he's ever wanted in a woman.

The two warriors can't deny their attraction. But a frightening vision leads Nate to distance himself in spite of the intense passion he feels. Thrown together once more, they must reassemble seven Mayan artifacts that hold the key to preventing the end of the world.

My review

I think I made a record time in reading Dawnkeepers. My personal worst. I don’t know how many weeks I struggled with this book and even finished others in between reading, I just know I conquered it only because I started in the first place.

I thought the first book in Final Prophecy series (Nightkeepers) was a never ending lecture about history and mythology, this one actually managed to prove me wrong. It was boring to tears. Plus, I didn‘t buy the romance at all.

Alexis and Nate simply seemed wrong for each other. Their whole view of the world, aspirations in life, other people and themselves were so different, it seemed impossible for two such people to end up together. In the real world, they probably never would. But in this story it happens only because it has to. A reason not good enough, that much I can tell.

I have read many books where characters have no other choice but to be bound together. Still, they complete each other, bring the best qualities out of each other. And while destiny initiates the relationship, it doesn’t become the sole foundation of it.That’s where Dawnkeepers fell short for me.

And if I’d have to analyze Alexis and Nate as two different individuals, I would have to say that none of them impressed me much. While I could understand Nate’s discomfort and unwillingness to surrender to his destiny, after the first book I expected so much more from Alexis. A skillful and strong warrior, not a whiny, needy girl, constantly torturing herself with self doubts and living her life as her winikin prescribed her to. Moreover, actually believing it to be her own goals and expectations, not her mentors.

Truth to be told, I don’t think I liked either one of those winikin persons. Too much meddling and babysitting. Still too many secondary character point of views. And one other thing – self-sacrifices (especially stabbing ones tongue). I know that it is a ritual and probably ancient Mayan civilization did practice it, but can I just say – ugh.

To sum everything up – the story was lacking and I am afraid I cannot recommend Dawnkeepers to anyone. But of course, it’s only my opinion.

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