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Darkness Unknown

Official information

Darkness Unknown Author: Alexis Morgan
Series: Paladins of Darkness

Publisher: Pocket

Gwen Mosely's life changes forever when she stumbles across a handsome stranger, unconscious and left for dead in the woods behind her farm. Cut up and bleeding, he's barely survived a vicious battle, but the real shock is how quickly his wounds heal-a gift he shares with Gwen's teenaged half-brother Chase.

Jarvis Donahue can't keep his eyes-or his strong, capable hands-off the sexy redhead who rescued him. He finds warmth of Gwen's smile and the desire in her eyes are impossible to resist, but there's a problem. Jarvis immediately recognizes Chase as a fellow Paladin in the making, a warrior born to defend mankind in the relentless battle against the Others. Neither Gwen nor the boy know it yet, but Chase will need Jarvis's help coping with the compulsion to fight that is written in his blood and in his bones. Although Gwen may hate him for it, Jarvis is duty-bound to secretly introduce Chase to the dangerous fate they both share.

As the barrier between the two worlds weakens, the threat grows perilously close to Gwen's farm. Jarvis is torn between protecting his lover, but without revealing his true identity, or betraying his people's secret and risk losing her forever.

My review

I am not sure how it happened, but while I was reading Darkness Unknown, it had me in its grasp. I even managed to overlook the fact that the heroine was a freckled country girl, the type I normally don't find attractive, but the moment I finished, my mind started backtracking and suddenly flaws were bombarding me left and right.

I don't want to critique the book a lot, I really don't. Cause I love Paladins and the read was pleasurable, but I still feel obliged to tell everything as it is. And it doesn't live up to its predecessors.

The story was interesting and had a huge potential, but the writing was lacking. I feel as if I was cheated.

The author had so many intriguing scenes developing - some action, some emotion based, though it ended abruptly. Either by summation, or simply without resolving anything, thus leaving loose ends in the story.

The other thing I noticed was the importance of the secondary character. I did like Gwen's brother and his role in the Darkness Unknown was both, interesting and important, but I think he managed to overshadow Jarvis and Gwen's relationship. And speaking about it, I would have to mention that the romance was a bit childish and considering Jarvis was supposed to be a bad-ass Paladin, I didn't feel the darkness, or intensity I thought I should've felt about him.

After everything I just mentioned I have no idea how I managed to enjoy the Darkness Unknown, but it was a good light read, probably just the kind of relaxing I needed after the long day of work. Plus, I am looking forward to other books (Hunters story next), cause no matter my disappointments, I still can't shake this attraction towards the Paladins. Go figure!

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