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In Darkness Reborn

Official information

In Darkness Reborn Author: Alexis Morgan
Series: Paladins of Darkness

Publisher: Pocket

Once a warrior for the Others, Barak q'Young is caught between two worlds -- exiled from his homeland, and a pariah among his enemies, the Paladins. While hunting a betrayer who's selling the precious blue gems that light the Others' world, Barak must aid geologist Lacey Sebastian in her research for the Paladins. Barak is instantly drawn to the fiery, beautiful woman, but Lacey initially despises the enemy intruder. Soon she sees beyond his violent past, though, finding the dark warrior intriguing -- and extremely sexy.

Though neither can resist the passion that blazes between them, Barak is torn between loyalties, hiding a secret gift that could prove useful to Lacey's research, at the sacrifice of his own people. But when Lacey is kidnapped and held hostage, Barak realizes he will do anything to save her... even risk his own life.

My review

After a great start I would say Alexis Morgan took a wrong turn with In Darkness Reborn.

What I struggled with, was both the plot and the characters. Barak was simply not hero material for me. I understand that a role of an alien everybody despises is not the same as a smart-ass confident warrior, but what Barak was, was meek. And he never proved himself anything, but the "Pet Other" of Dr. Young's.

There were moments when he tried to stand tall, be a man, etc, etc, etc. Still, I saw someone who walked with his head bend down. Someone you could push over, not respect. So, while romance heroes have an aura of strength about them, even if they are servants, Barak had an aura of a servant. Not really attractive. Besides, I really didn't get to know a lot about him. His whole previous life still a secret.

Lacey on the other hand was a strong character, but I didn't appreciate her whining or her motives for anger when she found out about Barak's secret.

The reason for her anger: it was her life's work and goal and how could he keep it from her. Not even caring about his reasons. Which were valid, even if underdeveloped. Though in the end (when she forgives him), she doesn't even see the reason. The whole reasoning why she should forgive didn't ring true in my heart. It seemed - book required her to forgive, that's why she forgave. The end.

I also found In Darkness Reborn to be a bit illogical. There was talk about Barak killing Paladins, but I wonder, how was it possible, since only the ones who try to cross the barrier attempt murder. And as far as I know, Barak's crossing in Dark Protector was his first try. And he didn't kill anyone. So where's the truth?

Oh, and one more thing before ending this grueling attempt on typing my scrambled thoughts, I would like for Penn's story to come soon. But only if the writing would improve. Otherwise, it would be a waste of time.

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