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Dark Warrior Unbroken

Official information

Dark Warrior Unbroken Author: Alexis Morgan
Series: Talions

Publisher: Pocket

Enter the secret world of the Talions -- fierce, passionate warriors fighting for their very existence -- in Alexis Morgan's sizzling new paranormal series.

He's on a mission for justice.

Sandor Kearn is the Talion Enforcer tasked with policing his people, the Kyth. His latest assignment is the new killer stalking the streets of Seattle. But while Sandor is hunting the Kyth renegade, someone else is hunting him.

She's on a quest for the truth.

When Lena Wilson's mentor died investigating an arson case and the police ran out of leads, she vowed to find justice herself. Lena -- who doesn't know she is part Kyth -- has the ability to see fragmented flashbacks of the crimes she's investigating through her sense of touch. And when she meets Sandor, she feels suspicion -- and desire -- like she's never known.

It's only a matter of time before they touch....

With dark forces closing in, Sandor must keep Lena from digging deeper and exposing the existence of the Kyth. The only way is to convince her of his innocence. But how can he, when he can't keep his hands off her?

My review

Dark Warrior Unbroken is another book of Alexis Morgan, featuring Sandor (whom we first met in Dark Warrior Unleashed) as the sexy hero and Lena, the strong-willed heroine in the search of her friend's killer. The same one Sandor executed in the previous book, but is not at liberty to tell her.

The book could be read as a standalone, but to understand the characters better and what drives them, I would suggest reading the first one. Thus said, I find myself searching for the flaws yet again. I guess it is in my nature. No matter how great the book, I always seem to pick a few nits here and there. And it is a great book. I enjoyed it reading thoroughly.

Still, it won't be me if I won't tell that at times Lena got on my nerves. All that righteous indignation about how law should be fallowed to the letter and yet, she herself was on a vigilante chase for the killer. It seemed a bit duplicitous.

Another thing I didn't understand was why Sandor alone had to kill renegades, if all the Talions were supposed to police the people of Kyth. And by the way, where were other Talions, or Kyth for that matter? It is the second book and I am still waiting for them to appear. But hey, Alexis Morgan introduced us at least with one more and there is the possibility to meat others since she mentioned Kyth from Europe. So, something is coming up.

Also, there's no grand evil master plan, or at least one I am aware of, so Dark Warrior Unbroken doesn't have that intensity some books do, but of course, it doesn't diminish its value. The warriors alone are enough for the fingers to dance through the pages. And besides, not everything has to be about evil plots or dastardly deeds. Sometimes even a bad guy is not exactly evil.

And one last thing I would like to mention - one more affect this book had on me - the anticipation for the upcoming Grey's story. I guess despite everything, the Talion warriors got me hooked.

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