Casual Hex

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Author: Vicki Lewis Thompson
Series: Hex
Publisher: Onyx

Gwen Dubois lives in Indiana, but her heart is in France with Marc Chevalier, a man she met online. Now he's come to Big Knob to show Gwen the meaning of amour and spirit her back to Paris. But stiff competition is coming from another part of the world - if not exactly this world. Prince Leo of the Atwood fairy kingdom has his own plans for Gwen, creating a romantic mishap that only Big Knob's resident witch and wizard can untangle.

My review

I have to admit, after the first two books (Over Hexed and Wild & Hexy) I was a bit disappointed in Casual Hex. Especially since I waited for this one. Probably I shouldn’t have. I never liked Gwen anyway. She just didn’t raise my interest enough to want her to have her own book. But what the hell, I thought, the first two were entertaining, funny and charming, so I decided to give it a shot. I am not saying I shouldn’t have (parts of it were interesting I guess), but others…

First of all, what can I say about the heroine who is such a grey mouse, she doesn’t even care what she’s wearing? That inner beauty is more important? Please. We are not talking perfect world here, but real, where every normal woman tries her best to look pretty. And I am not talking shallow here, either. But Gwen … I honestly must say I am speechless and the fact that her inner self is a dull small town woman with a narrow mind, who can’t seem to see past her nose, is not a big plus either. No wonder she needs those awful glasses.

Second, just as much as Gwen is clueless about what’s happening around, Mark seem to be a genius, who not only knows when someone is lying to him, or hiding the truth, he also manages to figure it out in a matter of minutes. What a genius he is.

Third, I got an impression that Casual Hex was more about Dorcas and Ambrose, the witch and wizard playing matchmakers and performing other tasks, than about the main heroes.

Fourth, did I mention that the town’s people are entertaining? No? Well, it is actually a plus.

Fifth, even the intrigue with Leo, the prince of fairies, was not that intriguing. If there was an intrigue meant in the first place.

And sixth, if the author intended to create Casual Hex in a way there is no mystery, everything is explained about two seconds after the problem arise, then I congratulate her. Because there is no unknown, no suspense and no anticipation left when everyone knows everything almost immediately, oh, except Gwen of course.

Stories which tell about normal people, but are paranormal because of some outside power, are never that enchanting as a true paranormal romance, where main heroes themselves can work magic. In stories like Casual Hex, I tend to think everything relies on the author and either she is capable of bringing it.

I don’t say Vicki Lewis Thompson failed completely, because there are interesting parts and the chemistry between the characters sometimes made me forget everything else. Still, I find the book a bit lacking. And that’s that.

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