Branded by Fire

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Branded by Fire cover

Author: Nalini Singh
Series: Psy-Changelings
Publisher: Berkley

When a brilliant changeling researcher is kidnapped, DarkRiver sentinel Mercy, a cat, and SnowDancer lieutenant Riley, a wolf, must work together to track the young man - before his shadowy captors decide he's no longer useful. Along the way, the two dominants may find that submitting to one another uncovers not just a deadly conspiracy, but a passion so raw that it'll leave them both branded by fire.

My review

Branded by Fire is a sixth book in a Psy-Changeling series and I would hardly call it a stand alone. Even if the story is lacking the action (compared to other books), previous stories are a must read if you expect to follow this one, since so many heroes and foes from earlier books make an appearance, twisting and turning the underlying plot even more than it already was.

I missed the action, I have to admit. Especially after so many wonderful experiences with Slave to Sensation, Visions of Heat, Caressed by Ice, et cetera. Compared to them, Branded by Fire does have a slow pace (the Psy council are on vacation from causing major trouble and the rise of the Human Alliance isn’t spectacular enough or dangerous enough for me to hold my breath), however, the romance is anything but slow, uninteresting, or disappointing.

From the first scene till the very last, the book is branded by fire. Focusing reader’s attention towards the emotional side of the story, off the charts hot passion and interactions between the main characters. True heroes in their own right.

I rarely fall for both characters, but Mercy and Riley took my breath away. I loved the dynamics of two dominant changelings as they waged war against one thing neither of them wanted. Surrendering to the other. But when the mating dance began to bloom the two were forced to face the possibility of submission and the ramifications of it.

Who would have thought it possible for a leopard and a wolf, two species more likely to bite each other’s throats out than get along, to crave one another? They do raise each other’s hackles, being so opposite – while Mercy is spontaneous, daring, outspoken and flamboyant, Riley is calm, quiet and steady shoulder for anyone to lean on, to depend on. Despite it all, they complement each other in so many ways and are the best thing that could have happened to the story, or one another.

Definitely a fabulous romance book to raise the temperature of the room more than a couple of times.

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