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Black Dagger Brotherhood

While a lot of series have huge variety of paranormal creatures, Black Dagger Brotherhood series is a true vampire romance. The one with spices and twists. And while there isn't much you can spin out of vampire romance, because everything has been done before, it offers a unique approach to the theme that sometimes seems completely wrung out.

It offers passion and thrill, danger and humor. For these vampires are deadly. In every sense of the word.

It's about the six vampire warriors (plus a few more), defenders of their race and the war they are raging against their mortal enemies.

Their enemies - The Lessening Society or the vampire slayers are the creation of Omega (the pure evil) with one purpose and one purpose only - to annihilate every single vampire.

I honestly thought it would be hard to imagine vampire slayers as the antagonists, since I am a huge fan of Buffy. Even though I love vampire romance, the moment I hear the word slayer, my heart leaps. This time however it took less than little effort to fall in love with these warriors and root for them with everything I have.

With the first book Black Dagger Brotherhood series won me over. And ever since, I am addicted.

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