Atlantis Unmasked

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Atlantis Unmasked cover

Author: Alyssa Day
Series: Warriors of Poseidon
Publisher: Berkley

Poseidon's warriors swore an oath eleven thousand years ago to protect humanity from those who stalked the night. Yet when a woman with an ancient Gift dares to claim the heart of one of Poseidon's fiercest warriors, the world teeters on the knife's edge between desire and darkness.

My review

In a way, Atlantis Unmasked caught me off guard. I wasn’t expecting the story of Alexios so soon. Other warriors of Poseidon intrigued me more. But maybe that was the best thing that could have happened, since almost every time when I expect an interesting story I get disappointed. This was not one of those times, still, as much as I would like to say I loved it, I simply can’t.

While Alexios, a physically and mentally scarred warrior felt right for me, no matter how I tried, I could not love Grace. The heroine was supposed to be a fierce leader of human rebellion, whose only purpose in life – avenge her brother’s death. That is what she was supposed to be, but for me, she felt fake. I neither saw the true courage, nor the leadership. All I remember is her constant self-doubts and whining. Besides, the fact that every other page it is mentioned how tough she is doesn’t make it so.

Actions speak louder than words. And speaking of words – an often reminder that she is the descendant of the goddess Diana (a warrior, whose aim is always true), only makes her a brag, not a fiercer warrior. No matter how good she is with her bow.

I know, fiction is fiction, anything can happen, still I wonder, how a perpetual virgin goddess, who was a symbol of chastity could have descendants? Either the author didn’t do her research quite thoroughly, or I am a mythology nerd. Which I probably am, but that is beside the point.

Also, with the appearance of the Fae (friends or foe? not yet known) it is pretty crowded. And with so much potential action I would have liked a more complex and dangerous climax. Still, it is far better than Atlantis Unleashed.

Finally, I have to say that Atlantis Unmasked was not as bad as it could sound from everything I wrote above. The plot is original. The passion is hot. And for once I found an emotional connection between characters, not just physical. Feelings like trust, admiration and respect coming into play. The scenario of knowing she is the one (mine – as all those Neanderthals like to say) from the first glance and then pursuing the woman just because of it, was getting boring.

So let’s thank the gods for the small favors and hope that the next book is going to be even better.

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