Atlantis Unleashed

Official information

Atlantis Unleashed cover

Author: Alyssa Day
Series: Warriors of Poseidon
Publisher: Berkley

Poseidon's warriors swore eleven thousand years ago to save humanity from those who stalked the night. Now two souls - immortal and human - are all that stand between justice and the eternal darkness: a warrior prince and the beautiful and prescient archaeologist he's been sworn to protect.

My review

When my fingers finally touched the cover of Atlantis Unleashed, I was so excited, I couldn’t contain it. I actually screamed my joy after long frustrating months of waiting for it. Of waiting for the story of Justice to charm me just like the other Atlantians did.

Well, the wait was over, unfortunately so was the charm. And it had such strong origins. With Justice sacrificing himself to save his brother and his mate in the previous book (Atlantis Awakening). Condemning himself to live in hell being tortured by Anubisa, the dark goddess of vampires, herself. Atlantis Unleashed had potential to unleash the damaged inner world of a brave warrior pulling us all into the depths of his soul. Forcing us to await anxiously for the encounter with Keely, the only person capable of saving him.

Awaiting anxiously, however, seemed to be all I was doing through entire book. Only I was waiting for something, anything to happen to pull me in.

I am sad to admit, but nothing did.

It was a slow build from the start and there wasn’t even a big bang in the end. It all wrapped up quite simply with no real dangers in the way. At least none for me to raise a question ‘How are they going to survive this?’. Sometimes I felt there was more going on with secondary characters than with the main. Too many overdeveloped scenes with other warriors (teasers for the next books of course), while Justice and Keely were forgotten.

And some scenes, even with one of the main characters in it, were simply too long. I, for one, got bored reading about the creature’s (who some two thousand years ago served under the Alexander the Great) sacrifice to let Justice escape the Void. It was a long ‘I will die for you/ I won’t let you’ dialog that got more and more frustrating with each line, especially since the outcome was not unexpected. I truly wished I could take the sword myself and plunge it through the creature so we could finally move on. But no matter how fast or slow we moved one thing remained the same. The battle of Justice dual nature. It just wasn’t believable. I didn’t feel it. Besides, for the man, who supposedly should be crazed, he behaved sane most of the time. Or, for the man, who felt lonely for all these centuries he lived and suffered through so much, was able to laugh so easily as if he acquired no shields, no blocks, and no walls around his heart. The pieces of the puzzle didn’t quite fit in.

Atlantis Unleashed was a disappointment, but since those teasers accomplished their task, I am anxiously waiting for the next one. Again.

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