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Alexis Morgan

Alexis Morgan

Alexis Morgan is one of the authors I discovered a while ago and still follow her work. She first got my attention with her Paladins of Darkness series and latter I tried the Talions as well.

I liked the idea about warriors, not vampires or shifters, or demons for once, but the thing with Alexis Morgan is - her worlds lack the foundation. I am not sure she thought everything through before writing, because there are so many gaps. Still. Even though the world of the Paladins should be fully established by now. And the Talions - not enough of the world itself (well, this one is at least still beginning, so it has time to improve).

My other problem with Alexis Morgan is the different life spans of heroes in her books. For me, once the couple is paired, it is forever. Unfortunately, it is hard to imagine the happily-ever-after part when one character has the lifespan of an average human and the other can live hundreds of years. So I hope she will find a way around that, since both series are still in progress.

But the thing is - I read her books as a recreational habit and sometimes it even manages to inspire me. Which is far better than anticipating to be dazzled but instead being let down. Her books are mostly relaxing with a pinch of intensity and a dash of fun. So, don't analyze them too closely and simply have fun.

Paladins of Darkness

Paladins of Darkness series is yet about another world and the group of warriors who stand guard against enemies that threaten to destroy it.

Deep underground there is a barrier between our world and the one where darkness rules. The barrier which fluctuates depending on seismic or volcanic activity. And once it falls down, it opens the possibility for the crazy ones from the other side to pass through. More...

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Originated in Scandinavia, Kyths live among humans, but form their own matriarchal society with a Grand Dame as their ruler and Talions - the greatest warriors to serve her (Talions loosely translate as 'an eye for an eye', or 'justice meted out in kind').


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