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My Favorite Romance Books

What is life without romance?
Without the magic of the passion?
Either its everlasting love, or just a simple kiss,
We tend to crave for its eternal bliss.

As if under the spell - strangers seek each other
As if without a will - succumb to its enthralling power.

A touch, a smile, the look of those enchanting eyes
The thrill, the danger, the suspense of tomorrow.
It curses through our veins - desire for the journey,
It speaks to our souls - leaving nothing but the yearning.

What is world without romance? I imagine a gloomy place full of coldness and sorrow. And if one finds himself in such a world, romance books could be a life's savor.

I personally consider them to be my life's blood, something so essential, I could hardly live without. Something I wish to share with you.

I do read detectives, thrillers, science fiction. Some I even adore. But romance stories have that something extra special for me. And since I read tons of those, devour would be the more accurate term, and constantly seem to have an opinion about the plot, characters, writing, etc. I thought I could put it to the use.

If you are not sure if you should read a book, or are searching for something new, check my list of books, authors, or series. Maybe it will give you new ideas. Plus, I give my own review of some books.

And even though I named this site "My Favorite Romance Books", you will be able to find a much more comprehensive list. Visit occasionally for my updated information. And have fun reading.

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Romance books
The best romance books for me are the ones which manage to surprise me over and over again
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